Bolekang (Beijing) Health Management Co., Ltd. focuses on the construction of comprehensive health industry, and the inheritance of traditional medicine, integrating the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage of Chinese medicine, and the publicity of special effects and skills of traditional Chinese medicine to carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine, to inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. Adhering to the development concept of people-oriented, Bolekang provides a comprehensive growth path and development space for training special effects and special skills talents.

What the company advocates is that lifelong learning in terms of cultivating students. Building a learning organization is our mission through the intensive cultural atmosphere and strong talent education system to foster talents with special skills such as Chinese medicine rehabilitation physiotherapist, infantile massage, reproductive health and achieving the Chinese Medical(Expertise) Qualification.

Corporate Tenet
Corporate Tenet
committed to the development of health industry; carry forward the spirit of health maintenance and scientific maintenance; generalize health education; popularize health knowledge; R&D of the health technology; popularize health products.

Publicity of the health knowledge is beneficial to escape from over-medical; then the longevity belongs to you and learning is joyful;

Reducing chemical damage of life style; Living Scientifically; be the controller of your own life!

Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture
Spreading the health knowledge to show your filial obedience;
Living scientifically to avoid illness; Self-cultivation, Esteeming Virtue, Nature-cultivation;
Education changes the ignorance; Learning makes progress in the health;
What you has done determines your destiny!
Corporate's Goal

Prevention is the main factor, treatment is supplemented; fitness is the strategy, and intervention is the principle.
Preventing the disease before it happens—Prevention before disease onset and preventing disease from exacerbating.
Distinguish the cause and adjust the defense; Prevention is better than treatment; Scientific prevention and health maintenance;
Through physical therapy, diet, behavior, exercise, emotions and other means to intervene in health behavior interventions, the body can be affected to achieve the purposes of strengthening the body resistance, nourishing vital energy and blood, regulating the viscera, balancing the two opposing principles in nature.

Improve self-healing - restore the body's healing instinct.
Through the Chinese medicine concept of enhancing "body resistance", supplementing "kidney energy", supporting "Yang Qi", expeling "pathogenic factor", so that blood and energy will be full of body, main and collateral channels will be smooth and clear, viscera will be healthy, the two opposing principles in nature—Yin and Yang, will get in balance.
Therefore, the human body has effictive disease resistance and self-conditioning and repair ability (namely enhancing self-healing power)

Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy